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Welcome to the Centre for Bioregulatory Medicine

The Centre for Bioregulatory Medicine: Offering Solutions

A question is only difficult if you don’t know the answer. Here at the Clinic we specialise in answering those difficult questions.

Often we are told by our healthcare professionals that you are suffering from a condition where pharmaceutical drugs or surgery offers the only relief. To be told there is no alternative limits your understanding of the condition and its successful resolution. You become chained not only to your symptoms but blinded to other approaches in managing your healthcare issue. For you the now becomes unbearable with the future offering little or no relief.

Looking at your health issue through a bioregulatory perspective offers a more complete understanding of the cause of the health problem, what is maintaining the dysfunction and an integrative treatment programme tailored to your particular needs. We recognise that your body is more than a chemistry set or a blocked pipe and treatment is aimed at restoring ease where there is dis-ease. Together we can change your now offering you a future that you can enjoy.

To restore balance where there is imbalance to the lives of our patients through a bioregulatory medical paradigm offering drug/surgery FREE interventions

To understand the patient’s needs through the integration of non-invasive bioregulatory and traditional medical assessment and treatment regimes.

It’s difficult to break free of Western Medicine’s control of your health or even to believe there is another way to receive quality healthcare. We take time to explain how your problem is perceived through a different medical paradigm and leave the choice to you.

With over 50000 consultations  and 25 years of experience under our belt we are pretty confident about our bioregulatory medicine treatment outcomes.

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