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Welcome to the Centre for Bioregulatory Medicine

The Mountains, the Town and the Beach

The Centre idles in the foothills of Cerro Da Cabeca, a picturesque mountain only a stone’s throw from the sleepy town of Moncarapacho. Even though a sense of isolation is perceived whilst at the clinic a five minute ride will find you in Moncarapacho and a further 10 minutes will find you at the beach.

The Centre for Bio-Regulatory Medicine, set within 1 hectare (2.3 acres) of indigenous trees (olives, almonds, pomegranate, carob), planted trees (apple, mango, banana, guava, oranges, grapefruit), an aquaponics project and an extensive organic garden is concealed along a 1 km dirt track within a few minutes drive of the traditional village of Moncarapacho.

The Centre, housed in a renovated traditional Portuguese “quinta” or farm offers patients that “homely” feel whilst maintaining a clinical background found in more formalized clinics and medical centres.

Our staff are trained to a “high” professional level offering personalized services, treating you as family rather than patients.