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I don’t know about the so-called pandemic but I do know that this is the “last nail in the coffin” for the Germ Theory and the Theory of Contagion. The scientists and practitioners of Western Medicine over the handling of this virus attack have “Shot themselves in the foot”. Let’s see why.

Firstly people were usually classified into three distinct types:

  1. The normal or “disease-free”
  2. The “symptomatic” patient – someone showing the signs and symptoms of the virus
  3. The “asymptomatic” patient – someone that has the virus but is free of signs and symptoms

So in 2020 alongs comes testing for the coronavirus – something the scientists have never done so extensively in the history of infectious diseases. They frighten us in their haz mat suits into having long things stuck up our noses (possibly tickling our brain!) to collect snot, dead cells, debris and bits of viruses.

From there these so-called bits of viruses are replicated in a PCR test to look for genetic material from a virus (not the virus itself as this has never been isolated or characterised). From this “mickey mouse” test you are identified as either positive or negative.

If you are negative you are free to go on your way (unless track and trace finds you) in which case you will receive a phone call/message saying you have to quarantine for two weeks. If you are positive you will have to quarantine for two weeks (unless you are a professional footballer in which case you only quarantine for 10 days). One rule for one and different for another!!

This mass testing have left the scientists in a bit of dilemma – we are finding a new classification apart from the 3 above:

4. Symptomatic patients which test negative

Oh dear!! For the last 9 months (this article was written in October 2020) all patients displaying the signs and symptoms of the virus were automatically labelled with Covid-19. Now they have a PCR test for the RNA fragment (which has the same sequence as our own Chromosome 8) they are supposedly able to identify infected and non-infected patients. So what were the patients that were admitted to hospital during the influenza season of 2019/2020 suffering from – influenza or Covid-19. To have a pandemic you have to have numbers so whether you were suffering with influenza or Covid-19 y0u were automatically labelled Covid-19

Soon there will be another “egg on face” for scientist and members of the medical profession – the Covid-19 vaccination. For example the CDC explains on their website that the influenza vaccine reduces the risk of “catching” flu by between 40% to 60%  amongst the overall population during flu seasons when the circulating flu viruses (of which there are over 300 known viruses) are well matched to the flu vaccine. The vaccine contents is an educated guess – a bit like selecting the winning numbers on the lottery.

The Covid-19 vaccine, they claim, will be specific to the bits of RNA found in the PCR testing for positive coronavirus patients and therefore the “lottery numbers” guesswork is removed from the equation. The vaccine will be specific for Covid-19 coronavirus.

But what happens when people are mandatory forced to have the vaccination allowing them to travel local and internationally yet they still test positive for the coronavirus – what’s their next step in support of the Germ Theory!!

Well, we have a answer. On December 14th 2020 the UK Government announces a new “variant” of the Sars-Covid-2. They say the vaccine will work!! whereas all other vaccines have to be specific for the current contagion. The perfect way to have a vaccination but test positive. Keep it up because the hole that you are digging is getting deeper and deeper.