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Looking at the recent rallies during the American elections we noticed that all parties have Coronavirus free supporters. No one is wearing a mask, social distancing or “protecting” our aged and infirm.

While we in Europe are masked, imprisoned and supposedly becoming sick and dying of the coronavirus, a worldwide pandemic, one of the largest countries in the world is enjoying the freedom of speech and the freedom of movement and of course the freedom to vote.

So why in Europe and UK are we forced into the humiliation of wearing masks and not being able to visit our loved ones? Answer: unscientific advice and incompetent modelling.

It has never been scientifically proven that the SARS-CoV-2 causes Covid-19. In fact they have never been able to isolate the virus so the PCR test is for RNA strands, the sequence of which is already in the body as part of the Chromosome 8 genetic sequencing.

You always see firemen at a fire but they did not start the fire. They are there because of it

Western medicine assumed that when a person displays certain symptoms and they find a fragment of RNA in their PCR testing that the RNA belongs to a virus that caused the disease. They refuse to let go of the germ theory, never looking for other possible causes of disease and continue to push this false concept to the public causing unemployment, mental illness, debt and death.

It’s not the coronavirus that caused economic collapse; it’s the government’s action policy. And supposedly it’s all in aid of protecting our elderly and infirm. Bull-shit!!

Family cabin aboard the Princess range of luxury ships

I cannot find any evidence to prove that droplet infection by airborne particles spreads the disease directly to another person. The simplest experiment is for one person with the so-called disease, cough and sneeze in an enclosed room surrounded by healthy people. If the healthy people then became sick we can assume the illness was transmitted from the person to the healthy people. Why is this simple experiment not been done? It has and on all occasions proved negative.

In February, passengers on the the Diamond Princess became the largest epidemic numbers outside of China . A person with symptoms was bunked in the cabin with maybe four or five other people for the duration of the quarantine. If the virus was spread by droplets from sneezing or coughing or touching inanimate objects you would expect the other members of the cabin to catch the disease. They didn’t the medical authorities never questioned why? Medicine continued to project the germ theory only to keep the world in fear. Of course no one would lock themselves in their home if they were in-formed rather than in-fear

I was reading on the Internet WebMD website that he was suggesting the following may weaken or suppress the so-called immune system and leave our bodies open to viral attack. He said the following depressed the immune system:

  • lack of exercise
  • poor air quality – especially wearing a mask where you are breathing in your own toxic waste products.
  • anxiety and depression
  • prescription medication
  • poor diet
  • too little time outside.
Quite the opposite to what the government is enforcing upon us.