Medical Plasma Facelift

The Beauty or the Beast. There are many photographs of people (particularly celebrities) who have undergone the botox/filler/chemical facelift regimes and had VERY unexpected responses. Expecting a second session to correct it creates more complications. Do you really want to take that risk?

The Medical Plasma Facelift is you and only you. No chemicals, no fillers, no plumpers and certainly no botox (the frozen face and drooping eyelids).

Our mission statement, if there is one, is to restore your face back to what it was 10 to 15 years ago. In computer language it like restoring your computer back to an earlier date. The restore relies totally on the the activation of your own growth factors and your own DNA.

To add to the list of benefits the costs are a fraction of the usual facelift package because we do not have to buy the chemicals!!

So why should the Centre for Bio-Regulatory Medicine be interested in cosmetic facelifts?

If you look at the picture opposite it can be seen that the physiological function of many of the organs of digestion and detoxification can be observed in the face. This has been a diagnostic tool of Unani Medicine and many other holistic therapies for over 2000 years.

I wasn’t until the early 19th century that Western Medicine fragmented into various disciplines (orthopaedics, dermatology, gastroenterology etc.) that the holistic view of the body was loss to specialization. Now your diseases are determined by dead blood tests and invasive radiation.

It has been observed that the shape and texture of the face changes when one or more of the internal organs are challenged through poor lifestyle choices, unresolved emotional conflicts and MD prescribed drugs.

So if we can understand why the face changes at different rates in different people (commonly called the ageing process) then we can not only change the facial signs but the underlying cause of those changes.

So why does the chemical/plasma facelift last only last a year?

Simple. If you always do what you’ve always done – you always have what you have always got.

It is obvious that for many people making lifestyle changes and taking control is difficult so the easy option is the “quick fix” – this ranges from microwaved prepared foods to MD prescribed drugs for hypertension, diabetes, acid reflux and arthritis. I would suggest that using plumping agents and neuro-toxins for facial change would also come under the “quick fix” category.

At the Centre for Bio-Regulatory Medicine and the Asklepion Centre for Tibb, Athens, Greece we view the Medical Plasma Facelift as part of an holistic program offering a package with multiple options.

The Medical Plasma Facelift

The face is cleaned and an anaesthetic cream is applied. The blood is drawn painlessly from the arm and spun in a centrifuge at 4000rpm for 6 minutes. The plasma is collected and then activated for the growth factors to begin functioning as soon as it is injected into the face. Once the main areas of concern have been treated the activated plasma is applied to the skin and, using a derm-o-pen, is channeled to the subcutaneous levels to revitalize the skin improving skin tone and texture.

Included in the facelift procedure is neck mobilisation (if necessary) so that the nerves that control the facial muscles and skin can function more efficiently.

Lifestyle & Nutrition

Tradd on all-round development of indigenous systems of medicine with focus


So many “advisors” speak of lifestyle changes with formulas for this and formulas for that. Everyone’s metabolism is as different as their faces. There’s no magic formula which will work for everyone. According to Unani humoral philosophy if your temperament is BILIOUS (hot and dry) you should not be on a treadmill for hours everyday; however if you are MELANCHOLIC (cold and dry) plenty of exercise is the right prescription.

If your temperament is SANGUINE (hot and moist) you should not be eating hot and moist foods (lamb, spinach, bananas, pasta, cheese etc.). Instead you should be balancing your temperament with MELANCHOLIC (cold and dry) foods (fish, potatoes, sour fruits, corn, yoghurt etc.). For more information about temperament and lifestyle click HERE

Unani Medicine Assessment


Unani Medicine – the original Hippocratic Greek Medicine uses temperament, qualities and humors to assess health and disease. Both here in the Centre for Bio-Regulatory Medicine and at the Asklepion Centre in Athens, Greece, we offer patients the opportunity to understand the cause of their health problems and more importantly – their solution.

Using digital thermography, live blood analysis and a variety of Unani Medical techniques which are over 2000 years old we are able to identify the dis-ease and restore ease.