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The Disease Evolution Wheel

A special microscope is used that is designed to permit diversion of light rays that results in illumination of the slide from the side, so that details, appear light against a dark background (as opposed to light passing straight through the specimen).

If bright lights from the microscope pass directly through the specimen, the heat from the light source will kill the red blood cells (RBC) faster. Also, by diverting the light rays, a greater amount of depth and detail can be viewed. Where standard laboratory tests are generally quantitative (how many cells are there?), Darkfield microscopy is qualitative (what is the condition of the cells, where are you on the disease wheel and the quality of the surrounding fluids).

One can have the right number of cells; but the function of those cells could be impaired due to factors such as over-acidification of the blood and tissues or the potential presence of bacteria, toxins, fungus and yeast.

Have you ever wondered why some people are continually “ill” whilst others seem to maintain “health” most of their life? Western Medicine would have you believe you have no control of your health (or illness) and that you are at the mercy of invisible enemies (viruses, bacterial, fungi or parasites) or faulty genes where you should have picked your parents more carefully.

You are “programmed” all your life to believe that by killing the “germ” you will be “disease-free”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Medical doctors and most healthcare practitioners are taught a lie  and that lie is passed to the general population. You become “fearful” of “catching” the disease and the fear itself is a causative factor of ill-health.

It is a fundamental principle that the burden of proof lies with those who propose a theory. Yet in the case of the ‘germ theory’ that ‘proof’ does not exist; there is no original scientific evidence that definitively proves that any ‘germ’ causes any specific infectious disease.

Although this statement will be regarded as highly controversial and even outrageous, its veracity will be demonstrated by reading the rest of this webpage.

In his book entitled Confessions of a Medical Heretic, Dr Robert Mendelsohn MD indicates that belief in the ‘authority’ of the medical establishment is misplaced. He expands on his discussion of the problems with ‘modern medicine’ by reference to similarities between beliefs, religion and ‘modern medicine’.

He describes the medical establishment as ‘the church of modern medicine’ and justifies this description with the statement that,

Modern medicine can’t survive without our faith, because modern medicine is neither an art nor a science; it’s a religion…Just ask ‘why’ enough times and sooner or later you’ll reach the chasm of faith.”

So how do we use the Disease Evolution Wheel?

The day may yet arrive when one may take a drop of blood and diagnose the condition of any physical body.” — Edgar Cayce

The blood is viewed under a darkfield microscope immediately after removing a drop or two from the body. Together we evaluate plasma activity, white cell movement, presence of debris, cell shape, and fluid color and density. Our practitioner versed in energetics will also look for evidence of interference fields, images, and even the presence of what biologist Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., calls “morphogenetic fields” which indicates what the body is working on to restore balance and regulation.

This last phenomenon resides on the slide, but beyond the physical space taken up by the drop of blood. The fields are a projected resonance caused by existing factors in the body and mind of the individual. Needless to say, this method of blood analysis is both the most promising and the most controversial with regard to understanding and treating disease. But then, that is what defines truly revolutionary thinking.

The disease trip starts from the “Regulatory“, through the “Congestive” and “Deposition” finally ending in the “Degeneration“. When the blood is viewed under the darkfield microscope is is possible to see exactly where you are on the Disease Evolution Wheel and what is maintaining you health problem.

The “Regulatory” phase of the wheel  (Humoral phase) is when the body is able to excrete the toxins from the body without any significant clinical manifestations (symptoms) typical of a defensive reaction. Thus, the elimination of toxins occurs as a normal increased excretion process and the patient has no other clinical complaints.

The “Congestive/Depositions” phase (Matrix phase) occurs when the body has exaggerated body symptoms (diarrhoea, vomiting, coughing, sneezing, sweating, excess urination). This shows as symprotits and filia in the blood.

If these symptoms are suppressed with prescription/over the counter drugs the toxins are pushed further into the tissues encouraging bacterial changes in the red blood cells (chondrits and ascits) and damage to the cellular functions (chronic fatigue, headaches, metabolic issues and over acidity of the tissues).


Finally the “Degeneration” or Cellular phase is where we start to see fungus forming in the blood. After a lifetime of poisoning the body with chemicals in the water, air, food, pharmaceuticals, negative emotions, EMFs (wifi, 4/5G, microwaves) and solvents in our personal and household cleaning products the cells have become so disrupted that Western Medicine calls this “Cancer”. 

The cure for cancer is not to get it. The use of the darkfield microscope and the Disease Evolution Wheels tells us where we are on the disease path and what needs to be done to return to health.

Functional Live Blood Analysis

After we have determined where you are on the Disease Evolutional Wheel we continue to look at the blood to determine factors responsible for maintaining your diseased state. It informs us of the acid/alkaline balance of the body, dysfunction in the major organs of detoxification, autointoxication, influence of EMFs (wifi, telephone etc) and the growth of fungi (aspergillus, mucor and candida).

Healthy blood
Acid/Alkaline Imbalance
Protein Linkage
Free Radical damage
Aspergillus Symplast
Holographic Live Blood Analysis

When a structure in the terrain is distressed, it changes its frequency. This is the interference field. The body’s background energy field (biological hum) becomes a reference energy source. The two fields produce the basic conditions required for a hologram. Holograms require only two sources of energy – light is that energy in most commercial applications. The hologram appears when a beam of light is split in two and reflected onto a single photographic plate (see “Making a Hologram”). The blood with its own energy field acts as a photographic plate to record a holographic image of the distressed structure. Now, the biological hum is not coherent energy, such as a laser light. Further, external sources easily disrupt the body’ weak electromagnetic fields. Blood holograms – symplasts – therefore may be fuzzy, indistinct and distorted.

Viewing blood in its dynamic state opens our eyes to a fantastic body of knowledge: Size and density of individual cells, debris in the process of being flushed from the system, plasma viscosity, cell behavior and patterns, vitality, disease evolution and probable cause. Every blood sample contains many symplasts. Observed over time, the blood shows consistent patterns in activity, lack of activity and the conditions around each symplast. Symplasts that appear correspond to diseases, illnesses and weakening states. However, what you see is not necessarily what you might expect to see, given a Western medical approach, i.e. symptomatic isolation of a disease. Why, for instance, would a person who recently suffered a heart attack have a symplast of a damaged pancreas in their blood?

Why? Because the images in the blood show both the condition and the underlying emotional pattern responsible for the disease. To understand this, we need to call upon Eastern medical models once again. Organs, structures, systems and behaviors all contain emotional energy; their health can influence or be influenced by emotional states. Dr. Hamer’s work demonstrates that emotional reactions produce an immediate response: A shock to the system makes the plasma shut down. It is no longer vibrant; it shows no activity. Red cells balloon out or shrink, varying in size by around ten percent. The location of the shock follows a direct path along acupuncture meridians to the target organ most closely associated with the emotion and the person’s method of coping.

The blood tells a story about the body and its terrain, offering visible clues. All the puzzle pieces are there on the slide, but they are not always visible as a complete picture. Scanning the entire drop of blood at low power enables us to view the terrain as a whole, as if looking at the earth from space. After that, we examine the individual clues in detail to put together a clear picture for that particular individual. When we put this information together not only with case taking, conventional medicine and anatomical knowledge, but also with meridians, fluid flow, muscle memory and emotions, we develop a whole picture of the person’s health. With careful study, we deepen our understanding of the individual’s condition and our approach improves. Those who admonish us to “listen to our bodies” understand that the body truly is talking to us!


A Brief Summary

Although claimed to be thoroughly scientific, modern medicine adopted an approach towards disease and its treatment that was based on two long-held beliefs that substantially predate the era of modern science. One of these beliefs claims that each disease is a distinct entity that attacks the human body (strangely one disease at a time); the other claims that each disease can be defeated through the use of the appropriate medicine. The acceptance of the ‘germ theory’ led to the adoption of a third belief, which claims that diseases caused by ‘germs’ can be prevented by vaccines. These beliefs are, however, fundamentally flawed; they do not accurately represent the nature of disease or the means by which diseases should be treated or can be prevented. The failure of modern medicine to defeat disease is entirely attributable to the rigid adherence to these flawed beliefs.

Unfortunately, virtually all forms of ‘healthcare’ operate from the basis of the same flawed theories about the nature of disease. The reason for the focus on ‘modern medicine’, or the medical establishment  is because it is the healthcare system that is to be implemented by all WHO Member States in order to achieve the aims of the 2030 Agenda, which include the introduction of universal health coverage and increased access to ‘medicines and vaccines for all’. It is therefore imperative to expose the erroneous nature of the theories that underpin the practices of this healthcare system; such exposure is one of the core purposes of this website.


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