Osteopathic Plaque

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Inspired by Dr Barrie Oldham ND DO and sculptured by his wife, this plaque captures the essence of Osteopathic Medicine.

The bust of the founder of Osteopathic Medicine, Dr Andrew Taylor Still, has been authentically sculptured in 3D from a collection of early 20th Century photographs.

In the original staff and serpent model of Hermes the staff has been replaced by the spine and the snake replaced by interlocking arms.

Each vertebra of the spinal column has been intricately modeled from a human spine detailing each of its anatomical components.

The interlocking arms signify a “hands on” medical discipline, the arms crossing over major nerve plexii or “chakras”.

The Osteopath Oath is engraved on a plate which is inlaid and bordered by a Greek design pattern.

Each plaque is personally engraved with the osteopath’s name, college and year of graduation.

At 22cms high each plaque can be moulded in a variety of metals (see dropdown list opposite) and is mounted on a polished wooden back plate

Please allow 10 days for this handcrafted plaque to be made by our team in Europe and dispatched to your home.

* Packaging and postage outside of EEC will incur an additional charge.