Menopausal Symptoms

Hot Flushes and Fatigue

Mrs K. a 54 year old marketing manager attended the Clinic complaining of hot sweats, whole body aching, mood swings and difficulty concentrating which started with the end of her periods 4 years ago. She used Hormone Replacement Therapy which helped but was concerned about the side effects and cancer risk.

Once the ovaries finish producing female hormones the adrenal glands take on that function. If exhausted through constant stress they no longer protect the body against menopausal symptoms. “Live blood analysis” revealed a high toxic load, low antioxidant status and acid tissues. Homoeopathic detox, antioxidant/adrenal supplementation and dietary advice resolved the symptoms within a month.

Thermographic Screening

Thermographic Changes in Breasts

Mrs V. 62 years old, has been having regular annual thermographic breast screening since the end of her breast cancer treatment 8 years ago.The last routine scan report commented “…. thermal activity superolateral to the left nipple (A) is more intense and vascular in appearance compared to 23/6/2010.

Developing pathology cannot be excluded with respect to her history.” Focal areas were also present in the teeth (B), particularly tooth LL5 (breast tooth).The patient reports she had a root canal filling 6 months earlier. She was referred to a biological dentist who addressed the root canal. Another scan 6 months later showed a mark decrease in thermal activity which has continued to decrease over further annual screening.

Bell's Palsy

Unilateral Facial Paralysis

Mrs J. attended the Clinic with a School Medicine diagnosis of Bell’s Palsy of the left side of the face. She reported that it had been like it for over 6 years. Various treatments including botox injections did not improve her condition. In German New Medicine we would say she had “lost face”.

In a right-handed person the left side of the body is to do with parents, children and home. It appears just prior to the palsy she had helped her mother-in-law to prepare food for Christmas and burnt several items. She was made to look a fool in front of the guests.

Requested to discuss the issue with her mother-in-law the emotional crisis was resolved and the face returned to normal after two months.

Cranial Osteopathy

Unilateral Strabismus

Baby J. was a forceps delivered neonate that has suffered from right eye convergent strabismus (eye turned into towards the nose) since birth. Such births can often result in birthing injuries affecting the eyes, ears, jaw or the skull as a whole.

The nerve responsible for eye movement is often entrapped between the delicate bones and joints of the skull. School medicine treatment is to cover the opposite eye in the hope the weak eye grows stronger.This is often an unsuccessful treatment and results in the child wearing corrective spectacles for the rest of its life. Six weekly gentle cranial osteopathic treatments were sufficient to release the nerve and restore Baby J’s right eye to normal function.

Frozen Shoulder

Restricted Shoulder Movement

Mr H, 24 year old amateur footballer, attended the Centre complaining of pain and movement restriction in the right shoulder for 4 months. School Medicine diagnosis was “Frozen Shoulder” followed by multiple cortisone injections and oral anti-inflammatories. He had also visited several physiotherapists and osteopaths but showed no signs of improvement.

A thermal scan of the face revealed an inflammatory area over the lower right wisdom tooth. He reported that he had the tooth removed 6 months ago. Procaine injection either side of the socket allowed him to lift the arm but still with some pain. The biological dentist found remains of the periodontal ligament in the affected tooth socket. Removal of the debris allowed full recovery of the shoulder.

Golfer's Elbow

Pain in right Shoulder/Elbow

Mr W. a 32 year old professional golfer attended the clinic complaining of pain in the right shoulder and right elbow which had troubled him for several months. School Medicine diagnosis was rotator cuff tear and “Tennis Elbow”. A couple of shots of cortisone, oral anti-inflammatories and physiotherapy did not improve his condition.

Examination revealed a displaced long head of the biceps tendon and laxity of the annular ligament. Treatment involved full structural rebalancing and fascial distortion treatments (cylinder/triggerbands) with replacement of the biceps tendon into the groove. Prolotherapy was given to the right bicipital groove and pressure pain areas in the annular ligament. The shoulder pain was immediately resolved and the elbow 10 days later.