Asklepios Pendant

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 Asklepios Pendant

Based on Asklepios (the Greek God of Health) transforming into the serpent as the patient lies in the Abaton, this beautiful hand-sculptured pendant can be used as a talisman or a conversational piece of unique jewellery.

Over 2000 years ago patients and pilgrims would visit the Asklepion on Kos (Greece) looking for a solution to their health issues.

They were first spiritually cleansed with a blood sacrifice (usually a chicken) by the priests of the hospital. After a day of rest they would take to the waters (separate pools of spring water running from the mountains containing sulphur for the skin or minerals for the joints), followed by detoxification using locally grown herbs.

Once physically cleansed they would be given a herbal combination which would induce fever, the last part of the healing process. This is when Asklepios in the form of a serpent would visit them while they rested. Before leaving they would be given lifestyle advice to help maintain health.

 Each pendent is individually crafted for the purchaser in a variety of different metals and sizes (see dropdown list opposite). The minimum size to maintain structural detail after polishing is 4cms tall.

If a different size or metal is required please contact us with your requirement by emailing theasklepionschool@unanitibb.org and we will reply within 2 working days.

Please allow 10 DAYS  for this handcrafted model to be made by our team in Europe and dispatched to your home.

* Packaging and postage outside of EEC will incur an additional charge.